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Wisconsin has a law called Minimum Markup, which “mandates that gasoline and other certain products be marked up at least 9.18 percent above the wholesale cost.”1 For gas, studies and commentators estimate the cost impact is $0.10-$0.32 a gallon, or an average around $0.20.2 And this “tax” doesn’t go to the public coffers. As Rep. Dale Kooyenga explained, it goes into the pockets of private business:3 big businesses that have been long-time supporters of Governor Walker.4 Governor Walker has refused to repeal the Minimum Markup Law in order to increase transportation revenue.5 Fix our roads Governor!




3 (“‘At least a tax goes to your school or roads. This is a tax that goes to a private business,” Kooyenga said.’”)



Road quality in WI falls as debt rises

News debt rising

Ozaukee Press Editorials: Contentious issues abound in the race for Wisconsin governor, most of them exaggerated for maximum weaponized effect by each candidate, but one that may prove to be influential in the election is so clear and obvious it needs no exaggeration. In fact, the issue was presented by Gov. Scott Walker, gift wrapped and ready to be used with no assembly required, to his opponent, Tony Evers.



Third Cabinet Walker Member Steps Out Against Walker’s Road Policies

Scott-Holes in the news

Governor Scott Walker’s former transportation secretary says the GOP governor isn’t telling the truth about road projects!

Milwaukee’s Journal Sentinel recently reported, Mark Gottlieb, a Republican who was in the Assembly for eight years and served as Walker’s transportation secretary from 2011 to 2017 says Walker has been “increasingly inaccurate” when describing the state’s highway system.



Scott-Holes Featured In Milwaukee’s Shepherd Express

Walker In the News

Milwaukee’s Shepherd Express reported on August 28 about Walker’s transportation policies. Shepherd Express Author, Dan Shaw wrote: “Many people have found themselves at odds in recent years with Scott Walker over his transportation policies; even some of his fellow Republicans have questioned his heavy reliance on borrowing to pay for construction and repair projects.”



Wisconsin DOT Report: Total Transportation Funding Has Fallen Under Scott Walker

Scott-Holes in the news

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation reports that total funding across all state transportation programs has fallen since Gov. Scott Walker took office in 2011, despite statements Walker has made insisting he has made historic investments.


Source: The Cap Times