#Scottholes Gallery

Enchanted Valley Rd, Middleton

My sister, Annie Rubens was riding her bike down Enchanted Valley rd May 30th…she hit a pot hole and was thrown from her bike. Despite wearing a helmet, she sustained a severe head injury. She was removed from life support May 31st. I lost my sister due to a pot hole…

Hwy 131, Crawford

Look at this gem on Highway 131 in Crawford county…this will cause a front end alignment! Nice job Mr. Walker for taking 90 million out of the DOT fund for your Foxconn donors so we can’t fix this!! Maybe I should call Domino’s???

Hwy V, Franksville

Hwy V between Hwy G and Hwy 20 in Franksville is terrible!!!! If I could take a picture of a 5 mile stretch. I would, but I can’t.