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Road quality in WI falls as debt rises

News debt rising

Ozaukee Press Editorials: Contentious issues abound in the race for Wisconsin governor, most of them exaggerated for maximum weaponized effect by each candidate, but one that may prove to be influential in the election is so clear and obvious it needs no exaggeration. In fact, the issue was presented by Gov. Scott Walker, gift wrapped and ready to be used with no assembly required, to his opponent, Tony Evers.



Scott-Holes Makes National News Over The Weekend

Scott-Holes in the news

Last weekend the Washington Post mentioned Scott-Holes! You’re making a difference, keep those photo submissions coming.

Some Walker critics are seizing on the issue. One union representing highway engineers erected billboards throughout the state showing an image of Walker sticking out of a pothole below the phrase, “Pardon Our Scott-Holes.” 

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